Coustic-Glo International has been in business since 1975. As a part of CGI International, Inc, Coustic-Glo International has enjoyed success worldwide and has repeatedly been listed by national and International publications such as Entrepreneur, Success, Inc., and many others as the leader in our segment of the building service restoration industry. Coustic-Glo today has grown to include locations throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to our rapidly growing domestic markets Coustic-Glo International has successfully entered into Area Developmental Agreements in Australia, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Ireland. Coustic-Glo International is today seeking strong additional franchise partners in both the USA and overseas.

The Coustic-Glo business is the cleaning, restoration, sanitation, and repair of all types of ceilings and walls found in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Coustic-Glo International offers you an opportunity to provide a service that is needed by virtually every property you encounter. Today you will find Coustic-Glo saving the owners of properties up to 80% over the cost of having to replace ceilings that have become stained or discolored from vents, smoking, dust, water stains, or the passing of time. No longer is replacement the only option. As the owner of your own Coustic-Glo business you will be able clean and sanitize all types of ceilings. The advantages of using your service are numerous to the property owner. We will save not only money but also we will save time and energy. Also by restoring the existing ceilings we are aiding in cutting back the amount of building, materials that are overwhelming our landfills.